But all and all, everyone I’ve ever known who “made it” and kept it going had one thing in common.

I do know some folks who made money, but it all came crashing down because they had gotten lucky. 

To run a business you’re going to have to accept that it’s going to take 7 proper years of working full time at a job you hate, and dumping all of your cash into your start up, and risking that it can fail at any time, before you ever even start thinking about having something with enough traction to sell to anyone big and exit.

No one cares about your idea. We care about the market, timing and your team. If those are all there, then we will hear the idea. And if you don’t have any traction (meaning sales), then we still don’t care.

It’s all about validating the market BEFORE you invest too heavily.

For example, you’re in the middle of a sales funnel for a product I haven’t even completed yet. I’m validating that the market exists and then after you pay me your hard earned money, I will use your money to build what I already sold you. It’s basically kickstarting my own company, but without having to share profits with them.

We will talk more about all of this in the full business course. I just wanted to give you a quick taste of my teaching style.

This stuff is literally not being taught anywhere else on the internet. I know because I’ve already taken all of their courses and watched all of their channels and read all of their books.

Bill Gene is Marketing is good. But I’ll teach you the spoilers from his content anyways. Tai Lopez is alright but it’s always a bait and switch. He sells the course then some 18 year old kid guru teacher you the content. Tai is what you might call a “Master…. (wait for it)….. Master Baiter”.

And then there are the classics. Zig Ziggler’s Priming the well.

Brain Tracey’s This…

Tony Robin’s That…

It all has it’s place, but running a linux server is not covered in any of them. None of them are BMAs (which you’ll soon understand is not a big deal after I explain exactly what an BMA even is) and none of them made their money running a business that didn’t have to do with getting rich by selling people shit on how to get rich.

I’m training to be an Orthopedic surgeon. Selling you this course is not my bread and butter. I did not hire someone to build this site for me. I do not have cheap, shared hosting for $1.97 a month a month.

It took me seven years traveling the world and collecting the highest degrees on earth before I even finally realized what Cocchini Corp is and ought to be.

I’ve suffered through it. 

Oh! Right. That brings me back to the one thing all successful people (entrepreneurs, or otherwise) have in common….