For example, you’re in a sales funnel right now. It’s designed to get you to say “yes” 7 times before you get to the price. These are a series of micro commitments that increase in legnth each time. But you also want to be careful in selling this way. Each piece of information is like handed the customer a bowling ball. And if you hand them one too many, they drop all of them.

There’s another sales tactic called SPIN Selling that is… well, we will get into that later. but it’s brilliant. And then there’s NLP and all sorts of woo woo bitchcraft stuff like FOMO and fake count down timers that borders on the verge of the unethical.

I would normally not emplore these tactics, but sadly, they work. My thing is to use them, but tell you I’m using them, and then offer to sell you a course that unpacks the exact process I just took you through, all the way down to running a “dnf upgrade” command in command line linux on the VPS server I’ll teach you how to set up.

See, in MBA school, they didn’t teach us any of this shit. The real stuff: Funnels, payment gateways, taxes, LLC formation, business banking, EIN’s, P.O. Boxes, online phone systems, drop shipping, stealing your website back from an 18 year old Pakistani hacker, Rest API’s, the SQL side of WordPress, how to hire a proper SaaS development team for $5 an hour, do an A/B split marketing test, train a FB pixel, set up a Google Analytics dashboard din Visual Studio, how to fill out a P&L sheet or getting a Dun & Bradstreet number.

Shit, even things like how to roll back a revision in WordPress. I literally wrote all of this stuff, then accidentally deleted the block and saved it and had to go back into the version history to restore it. Why is none of this stuff taught in business these days. Aren’t you guys getting a little sick of the “mindset” bullshit with no actually step by step process, technical skills or proverbial “meat”? 

And all people want to do is the fun stuff. Read business books, print business cards, get company T-shirts made, build an investment pitch deck.

There’s very little real guidance out there for the reality of running a business and no one even really knows what an MBA actually does. I am an BMA and even I’m still confused. And the little bit of truth is drowned out by a sea of feel good bullshit. And when you do finally see it, it’s boring, not so glamorous stuff, so the temptation is to “come back to it later”… which you never actually do.