Well… I did it. Kind of.

But what I found was that it didn’t equate to the life I wanted it to. 

Half way through a medical degree, with a full scholarship and $13,000 in the bank…

No one was impressed but me. I got laid as much as I wanted, but nothing meaningful. 

I remember I was banging this hot Indian chick named ??? I met on tinder. Andafter a few weeks of casual meet ups at Bombay hotels we both started to get attacked. Come to find out sex actually means something (but we will talk about sex a lot later in the “pussy mechanic” and “meaning of marriage” courses). So when she started to get feelsing from me after I handled a pregnancy scare like a descent guy (I said I’m not a fan of abortion and I’ll be there for her and the child if she’s pregnant) she started to get scared because she was falling in love with me. But the arrangement was NSA. It’s always a big mess when you try the casual sex thing.

But anyways. I digress. Even with a perfect body, a sharp wit, a little money on the bank (not that much at that point) and half way through arguably the highest degree in the world, I couldn’t get an actual descent woman to take me seriously.

The quality of woman I was looking for wouldn’t give me the time of day and men I admired where jealous of me, not happy for me. The good guys recognized that I had cleaned my life up for the wrong reasons. And everyone else was just pissed that I had reached my goals.

It wasn’t like I had imagined. I had actually alienated myself from the community.

Come to find out, guys want to be friends with someone they can compete with, not who totally crushes them.

And women want a guy who is slight less attracted then them (they have to be the pretty one in the relationship or else they compete with you), who isn’t so smooth all the time that they are constantly afraid fo being cheated on and someone with a fatal flaw they can fix up a bit. You just want to have potential that they can envision into something greater someday. Otherwise you just hear “What’s the catch?” or “What are you not telling me” or “You seem great. Why are you with me?”