My Favorite Rugged, Water Resistant Camera/Laptop Travel Backpack

This is is epic guys! I have a slightly larger version that isn’t sold anymore. This is the newer, more compact one. I’ve had it over 7 years and it’s been around the world with me. Totally God send. Tried a ton of cheaper bags before I broke down and paid the $200 for the old version of this one (which is half the price of the old model).

I can fit 2 Macbook pros, a Cannon 60D, 8 external hard drives, a drone, 3 lens, a pair of vagankles from a dead hooker and so much more. This one is a little smaller, so I think that would be perfect. I’ve packed it down with over 80 lbs of shit and nothing ever breaks. It’s also highly water, blood and semen resistant.

Highly recommended.


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