First things first. There is no fucking refund policy. 

Do you get your time back if you wash out of the navy seals? Fuck off. You’re the wash out. Not me. When you join you are making a commitment to God. And a pact with me. If you don’t do your shit I’m going to be calling and harassing you until you file a restraining order against me. You’re not getting out of this shit. 

If you block me, then I’m keeping your money anyways for wasting my time. 

The money you pay for this allows me to build the company. The real product is you. I need you to become a badass so I can sell access to date you to women willing to pay for it. 

The best I can do is allow you to try the schedule for a week. And if you pass indoc, then you get the program half off by me canceling the second half of your payment. 

If you fail, I cash the other half of your payment and keep it.