Failure Thy Fuel

I think the reason life is so hard to get on track is because if you try and do everything you want to do or be everything you want to become at once, that’s a recipe for failure. 

However, repeated failure is the recipe for success. But that’s not advised these days. 

And if you focus only on one thing at a time (which is advised these days) it’s like trying to solve a puzzle with one piece. 

The fact is, its all a system. If you want to save money then just attack the “big 3” (rent, food, transportation). But to eat less (to save money), you have to attack hunger. And you can do that through fasting. But you have to be relatively fit and well rested to successfully fast. But if you do that, you’ll be well rested, eat less, be fit and save money. But where do you start? You can’t afford a gym membership to get fit because you don’t have enough money. And you don’t have enough money because you over eat and you can’t start fasting without first being relatively fit… 

So break it down and find the keystone issue to start with. It may be different for everyone. 

For example:

If you bicycle to work, you get in a workout and save money on transportation costs. But you don’t have time to do that. Ok so now you need a better sleep schedule to get the time to bicycle to work (in order to get a workout and save more money).

But your sleep sucks and you don’t know how to fix it (really you do. But you’re lying to yourself, which is a double insult to your own intelligence, despite the fact that you’ll defend your own intelligence if anyone else insults it. A rather unintelligent cycle).  

Anyways, you finally admit to yourself that your shitty sleep is probably related to your shitty diet. Come to find out eating a dozen 5-layer Taco Bell burritos and watching Netflix on your cell phone right before bed (despite the fact that it gives you crazy dreams) probably isn’t the best idea for a quality nights rest. 

So you fix your diet, and then your sleep, and then ride the bike to work. But you’re still late to work. That’s fine. You failed better today. That’s progress. 

Then you realize you need productivity skills. Time management. Scheduling. Lists. Etc. And you start getting addicted to the progress. It becomes a game. How much can you optimize your life?

You analyze your failed morning routine and realize that you had a bunch of bullshit tasks to do that delayed you getting out the door. 

Ok. Great. Do those at night before you go to bed. Problem solved. Then you realize that those chores are boring and make you tired. Great! You’re about to go to bed anyways. And so you form a system. Daily habits with rules: 

– 8:30 pm – do morning tasks for next day. 

– 10 pm – go to sleep actually tired. 

– 4am – wake up 

– 5am – ride bike to work. Send the exact amount of money you would have spent on gas to your savings account instead. 

– 6am – get to work, take a shower, get dressed. You’re fresh and ready and ahead of your day by the time everyone else gets there exhausted by 7am. You look at them thinking back to how stupid your life has been up until now. Why the fuck do we do this stuff to ourselves?

– Knock out your day

– 8:30 pm – night time routine again 

– Rinse and repeat. 

System sorted. 

I’m not sure yet whether you have to focus on one thing at a time or do it all at once and fail for a year repeatedly until it all starts to click. But persistence is definitely the key ingredient either way. 

From there you optimize your system. You realize you can shower in your sweaty bike ride clothes and hang them out your office window to dry. By the end of the day they are dry and clean for the next day. 

Then you notice opportunities start coming your way. The boss asks about the clothes hanging up and you tell him about your daily schedule and system. He looks at your office white board and sees you have your shit together. He considers you for a promotion. 

Your buddy notices you lost some weight and asks you to help him do the same. 

The new cute intern noticed your vibes and you actually have the money and confidence to ask her out now. 

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