Elementor #733

Once I reached my goals, I just had new goals. Everytime I mastered something, I rounded the precipice of that topic to realize it was a false summit and the rabit hole goes deeper and deeper. 

My reasons became better. I stopped working out to look good and instead started seeing it as “my body is a temple of God”, of course I should keep it clean.

The more I learned, the more I realized how little I actually knew.

I mastered polyphasic sleep, diets, productivity, learned linux, started my own hosting server, started answering questions in javascript forums instead of asking…

And what I found is that I just started finding new challenges to become a new novice in.

I stopped asking about calories and investment vehicles and started asking about my soul and the purpose of life itself.

I got into Jordan Peterson and started to “clean my house”. I finally finished the Bible cover to cover. I started becoming the man I had always admired (like Mark Quipet says).

I listened to everyone and read 32 books in a single year, while running 7 miles a day and doing a surgical rotation, while living abroad, studying for my USMLE board exams and losing 60 pounds in 6 months.

At a certain point. I stopped listening and started questions. Is this true? Is this right? I agree on this but I’m skeptical of that.

A few more years of this mind set and I was ready to finally answer some serious questions about my own life, relationships, finances, nutrition and business.