I hereby vow, and swear before God, to hold myself to a standard higher than I have ever previously known. To remember in times of doubt and demotivation, the words and ideas of this creed. I will first learn to rule myself before I expect to lead others.

When I want to quit, when all strength has left my body, and ruin and death rap upon my door, I will remember my future wife, my unborn children, my oath and my God. 

I will not fail. And when I fail anyways, I will learn from it and reset again, and again and again, each time smarter, stronger and more well prepared for the next battle to come, from the most recent battle behind me. For Failure is my Fuel and Victory is my Vengeance. 

I will run to the finish line and I will stumble and crawl through it if necessary. And in my inevitable victory I will not think of myself, but of my brethren. I will share the wealth. I will outstretch my hand forward and pull myself to personal greatest, while simultaneously reaching back to offer my hand to the one behind me. I will pay my gratitude forward to the ones still sinking into the clay of this world, unaware that there is a way out. I will mentor them as I was first mentored. Each one, teach one. 

I will not toll the bell, until the bell one day tolls for me. And on that day, staring into the endless abyss of death, I will whisper into the darkness, with my dying breath “Lord, receive my soul”. And with my work on this earth complete, my house in order, my family secure and my legacy immortal, I will meet my maker with open arms, open eyes and an open heart.